Leung So Kee Umbrella







During the early stages of its establishment, Leung So Kee primarily sold long umbrellas in black and blue colors. These long umbrellas not only served the purpose of shielding from rain but also became symbols of social status during that time. People hoped to showcase their taste and identity by using Leung So Kee umbrellas.

In addition to general market sales, Leung So Kee umbrellas were frequently used as items for pawnshops. Due to their high quality, Leung So Kee umbrellas held certain value for collection and circulation in pawn transactions.

As time passed, a significant innovation emerged in the 1940s with the introduction of folding umbrellas, also known as "shrink bone umbrellas" or "二縮遮". These collapsible umbrellas possessed a unique storage feature, allowing people to carry and use them with ease. The convenience and practicality of shrink bone umbrellas quickly gained popularity, becoming a highlight product of Leung So Kee.

In 1990s, Leung So Kee adapted to the changing times. In addition to preserving classic designs, they began incorporating new materials that were lightweight and capable of blocking UV lights. This transformation made Leung So Kee umbrellas more aligned with the modern demands for portability and protective functionality, winning broader market favor.