自動縮骨遮 (標準尺寸 : 半徑21") *精選產品

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Auto Folding Umbrella (Standard Size : 21" Radius)

縮骨遮推介 : 自動縮骨遮 (標準尺寸 : 半徑21")屬於自動三縮。產品採用半徑21",是標準尺寸的縮骨遮。具備自動開關功能,一按即開關,方便快捷


梁蘇記 - 香港品牌,香港人手製造 ,遮架永久保用。

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  • 遮款:自動三縮
  • 遮骨:七骨 | 鋁骨為主
  • 半徑:21.0” (~53.3cm) |  屬小型尺寸 (*半徑是指打開遮時,遮骨的長度。)
  • 遮長:~10.8” (~27.4cm)
  • 重量:~300 (僅供參考 : 視乎布款,每把為人手製造,重量會有所不同。)




This is an automatic 3-fold umbrella, with the size of 21" in radius, it is a standard size for a folding umbrella. With an automatic function, it is convenient to simply press the button!

What is a 3-fold umbrella? A 3-fold umbrella features three sections in its shaft, which is a common style for folding umbrellas.

Hong Kong Umbrella Brand: Our umbrellas are handmade in Hong Kong, and we offer a lifetime warranty repair service for our umbrella frames.

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  • Type : Automatic 3-fold umbrella
  • Ribs : x 8 | mainly aluminum
  • Radius : 21.0” (~53.3cm) | Size Small (radius refers to the length of an umbrella rib when the umbrella is opened.)
  • Length : ~10.8”(~27.4cm)
  • Weight : ~300g (products are handmade, so the weight is provided for reference only and may vary depending on the chosen fabric.)

*Products are handmade, so the fabric pattern may vary from the photo shown.

*Pictures are taken with actual product, so the color may vary from different computer/mobile phone screens. The color is subject to the actual product.

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